Apprenticeship Testing

Testing Process - Any individual entering the Apprenticeship program must be tested prior to starting work. Our program requires a Reading & Arithmetic component. ACT, Accuplacer, or Next Generation Accuplacer are accepted testing methods. Qualifying testing scores are good for up to 5 years from the acceptance date but need to be updated annually until you find a sponsor.

  • ACT – 15 Reading & 14 Arithmetic
  • Accuplacer (Classic) - 55 Reading & 35 Arithmetic
  • Accuplacer (Next Generation) - 236 Reading & 220 Arithmetic

Most technical colleges offer online or in-person testing options. For online option you will need a computer, access to the internet & a webcam. If you are looking to test with us, please contact our office @ 608-846-5768. If you have a contractor or a contractor has instructed you to be tested for the Apprenticeship contact the Apprenticeship Coordinator.

Office – (608) 846-5768

Application Process – Once you have successfully completed your testing or have qualifying ACT scores contact the Apprenticeship Coordinator to complete the application process.

Apprenticeship Coordinator – Ray Wiatt (608) 212-0802;